Q&A with Sam Heughan on Twitter

Q: Happy anniversary being cast as JAMMF /do you own rights to your audition tapes? If so will you share with us OL fans? 
A: I actually saw them recently. Gabs sent them to me. Spooky… black hair Jamie!

Q: Hi Sam! Are there any stunt- or action scenes for you in your new project? Greetings from Outlander “Kaffeeklatsch”
A: Its an “action comedy!!!” I love stunts….

Q: One word to describe Jamie in season 3?
A: He’s anyone BUT JAMMF….

Q: I’m coming to Comic Con. Can you save me a seat in the panel room?
A: Ask @jennadewan !? #SeatKeeper 

Q: Is it true ~ did you get your hair cut?
A: Maybe maybe not. Movie magic?!

Q: How do you spend your time on long plane flights sleep/read/study scripts?
A: Sleep. It’s a great oppertunity to catch up! And maybe a wee dram…

Q: Will you do another Barbour event in NYC? 
A: Working on it! Can’t wait for you to see my @Barbour collection for Autumn Winter this year!

Q: Do you have anything else in the pipe line but the Spy movie going?
A: So many projects, in different fields, exciting but hard to keep up!

Q: *Tweet unavailable*
A: I wanted to stay, had planned too but unfortunately had to leave, only saw Zebras (cool!) and Springbok (wandered onto our set!)

Q: Have you talked to @caitrionambalfe lately? 
A: Who?
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Sam Heughan thanks the fans after winning Radio Times “Tv Champion”

Sam Heughan just won Radio Times “TV CHAMPION 2015” with more than 16 mln votes! An incredible success for our ginger!


This is what Sam said:

“Congratulations to all the competitors in the Radio Times Competition!! Wow. A true list of the most popular and greatest shows/cast on TV. I’m honored and a little, no VERY astonished at the number of votes cast by our dedicated and passionate fans! Can’t thank them enough – many have no fingers left due to intense voting – “Tapadh leibh” to you all! If you haven’t already, join our Outlander Clan and watch the series (no1 on Amazon!).

I think this deserves a cover issue Radio Times??”

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