Sam Heughan talks Jamie’s shocking reaction to Black Jack’s fate

Sam Heughan talks Jamie’s shocking reaction to Black Jack’s fate


The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Heughan, Balfe and Menzies about Jamie’s shocking reaction to Black Jack’s fate, the brutal attack on Mary and Claire, how Black Jack becomes married to Mary instead of his brother Alex and more.

To Claire’s (and frankly, everyone’s) shock, Jamie was actually ecstatically happy to learn that Black Jack was still alive. Why did he react that way?

Sam Heughan: I wanted to play Jamie as sort of a shadow of himself for the first few episodes. He’s not himself. He’s being someone else. He hasn’t dealt with this trauma and his post-traumatic stress. He’s not quite himself and the thing that cures him or releases him is the knowledge that Randall is alive and there, we see Jamie again. It’s like finally he’s been released from Randall’s nightmare. His cure comes from a very strange place, from Randall himself. But I guess it’s like that with any sort of trauma or accident you have or any fears you have — you have to face that to get over it and move forward. The only way he’s cured is with Black Jack himself. The fact that Black Jack is still alive gives Jamie hope again. That gives him the power to once again take control of his destiny and of his life. That finally rids him of the nightmare that is Black Jack Randall. It’s strange that the salvation of Jamie comes in the form of the very thing that injured him. It leads to some really dramatic stuff later on this season.

Was that a relief to finally play that old Jamie again?

Heughan: Yeah, absolutely. I was worried that it might not come across or that he just wouldn’t be as interesting or captivating, but it’s great. It allowed him to find himself again but in a way, by doing that, he makes a big mistake. I can’t say anything more about that because it’s a spoiler.


Interview of Sam Heughan & Caitriona Balfe with The Hollywood Reporter

Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe talked Season 2 of Outlander with The Hollywood Reporter.


***Warning: Spoilers from Outlander Episode 2×03***

Jamie now knows that Bonnie Prince Charles (Andrew Gower) has more funds than he originally thought, thanks to the Duke of Sandringham funding both sides of the rebellion, and that’s the first lead he’s gotten since he arrived in France. How will that change his mission to sabotage the rebellion going forward?

Sam Heughan: He does have a sizable amount of money, but it’s not enough to fund a whole war. It’s certainly showing him that he’s gathering support. But the biggest point is Sandringham coming back into the run of things. We start to see that he’s more of a power player and a bigger character in their whole fate, in Jamie and Claire’s whole life, and he certainly will, later on in the series, become very pivotal to the whole thing. He’s certainly a figure that should not be trusted.

Regardless of the fact that Sandringham can tell Jamie about Black Jack’s fate, Claire still decides not to tell Jamie that Black Jack is still alive. Why did Claire decide not to come clean, even though there’s a ticking clock on that secret coming out?

Caitriona Balfe: I think she’s scared that he will do something rash. She’s just not ready to see him fall backwards. You see him, there’s this moment of hope, they’re finally getting somewhere, and she feels that if she told him, it would just send him into a spin, into a spiral. She just doesn’t know how he’ll react.
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Sam Heughan Talks Outlander Season 2 with The Wall Street Journal

Sam Heughan Talks Outlander Season 2 with The Wall Street Journal

Here’s a new interview of Sam Heughan talking Outlander Season 2 and French Society, Fake Blood and the Frasers’ Marital Intimacy.

This article contains major spoilers from Outlander Episode 2×02 “Not in Scotland Anymore”

We got to witness much of Claire’s emotional turmoil in last week’s season premiere, but not so much Jamie’s. The second episode, however, turns the focus onto your character. So how would you say he’s doing these days?

He’s still plagued by Black Jack, by what happened to him, by his guilt, and he’s not dealing with it very well. We don’t focus on Jamie throughout every episode, but it’s there, this disease that’s in his mind. He’s trying not to think about it. He throws himself into his mission. He’s working day and night, and he’s losing contact with Claire. Their relationship becomes less engaged, and it’s like a disease, it spreads and it ultimately will implode on him. And I wanted to play him sort of not himself. But yeah, he’s lost his sparkle a little bit. He’s a bit of a shadow.

The opening moment of tonight’s episode has Jamie dreaming that he brutally murders Black Jack. What was it like filming that scene? Did you go, “Wait a minute, did I just stumble into an episode of ‘Game of Thrones’?” with all that blood?

It’s very graphic. I remember reading the book [“Dragonfly in Amber“] before we started shooting, and just in my mind this image of Jamie sitting in the window with a plaid around him, and he’s not sleeping at all. Every night, he’s not getting rest. That’s what’s making his mind turn and why he’s throwing himself at this mission, and I think for me it’s a great way to show that he’s being plagued by it. But, yeah, it’s a very strong opener.

How did the fake blood taste?  

It’s so sticky. It’s like this very sort of sweet, sugary syrup. We shot that quite a few times, like, five or six, so, you have to get cleaned up and do it again. But I’ve got some great behind-the-scenes pictures of me covered in blood. Tobias as well, he’s magnificent in that. It’s really gruesome and kind of weird. Continue reading Sam Heughan Talks Outlander Season 2 with The Wall Street Journal