Transcript of the Q&A with Sam Heughan & Caitriona Balfe on Facebook


iTunes What was it like preparing to become these characters? How did you familiarize yourselves with the time period?

Outlander SH: Season 2 is a different world and it was interesting to explore Jamie and Claire and how much they are not playing themselves, in fact hiding their new identities. They’re being deceptive and manipulative, going against their true nature. Caitriona is on her second plate of guacamole fyi.

iTunes Frank and Jamie are very different characters. What about Claire and Jamie’s relationship allowed Claire to move on from her previous marriage?

Outlander CB: Claire and Jamie’s relationship is much more about equals. Frank and Claire’s balance was off. Claire was a young girl. Jamie and Claire are an equal of souls.

Keri Nork If Jamie were able to go through the stones to Claire’s time, which time period do you think they would choose to live and where? How would Jamie handle the 20th century?

Outlander SH: Jamie would travel to today, but he would not fare well with social media.

Maria Grazia Spila Sam, you always say Jamie is intelligent, smart. But he is not flawless. Which of his mistakes you wouldn’t make?

Outlander SH: I would not punish my wife in that way unless asked

iTunes Do you think Claire could ever readjust to life in the 1940’s after having spent so much time in the past?

Outlander CB: I feel like it will be hard for her, but life has to go on.

iTunes Tell us about the best time you had while filming the show.

Outlander SH: Latter part of Season 2, it’s a great counterpart for the first part when we return to Scotland and there is a lot of action for both Jamie and Claire.

iTunes Frank and Jamie are very different characters. What about Claire and Jamie’s relationship allowed Claire to move on from her previous marriage?

Outlander CB: Claire and Jamie’s relationship is much more about equals. Frank and Claire’s balance was off. Claire was a young girl. Jamie and Claire are an equal of souls. Continue reading Transcript of the Q&A with Sam Heughan & Caitriona Balfe on Facebook

New Interview of Sam Heughan with Vanity Fair


Here’s a new great interview of Sam Heughan with Vanity Fair:

Since Outlander first premiered globally in August of 2014, it has attracted a passionate group of fans from all over the world—including, at least, a celebrity who was a TV heartthrob decades before the kilted men of Outlander took over the role.

“I had dinner with William Shatner last week and I couldn’t believe it. He’s a fan of the show,” revealed star Sam Heughan at the show’s Season 2 premiere on Monday night. “He’s really funny, and I owe him dinner now. I still can’t believe I met him!”

Nearly one year after Starz’s popular time-traveling, romance series, Outlander, ended its first season, the “Droughtlander” is almost over for Shatner and millions of other fans. Breakout stars Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, and Tobias Menzies gathered Monday evening for an extravagant world-premiere event at the American Museum of Natural History, which included a party in the museum’s famous “whale room.”

“My life has changed in so many ways because of the show,” said Heughan, who plays swoon-worthy Highlander Jamie Fraser. One of the biggest changes has been seeing his face plastered on billboards. “It’s very odd. I had just come from Los Angeles, and there’s a lot of billboards around the city and on buses and it’s really strange to be driving past and see myself up there,” he said. “It’s kind of overwhelming, really.”

Despite the high level of emotions, he had to capture the milestone moment in his career with a photo. “I may have one selfie somewhere, which I sent to my mum,” he modestly said. “Ultimately, it’s those sort of things that I want my family to see and to share the special moments that I am experiencing.”

Thirty-six-year-old Irish actress Balfe has dreamed of becoming an actress since her childhood. She admits she wasn’t sure if she would ever catch a big break until she landed the lead role on Outlander.

“I struggled for years as an actress and it was challenging,” said Balfe, a former model. “I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, but I was stubborn and never gave up. Now, I have a job that I always dreamed of. My life has really been changed both personally and professionally. I just love the range that I get to play. It feels like every day there is something new to tackle and I am constantly growing and changing as an actress and as a woman.”


Both critics and fans of Outlander have a strong love-hate relationship with its three leading characters. Viewers are so invested that many wonder if the actors themselves mirror their fictional alter egos.

“I would like to think that I am fearless like Claire,” Balfe said about the headstrong British nurse. “I will pretty much do anything that this role calls for, but I would also like to think that I am more cautious when needed, because Claire does things before she thinks. But I love that. I love that she is passionate and takes big risks no matter what happens.”

As for Heughan, 35, playing the beloved heartthrob can be daunting. “He’s a very noble and trustworthy guy and trying to live up to him can be difficult at times,” he admits. “I’m lucky to play such a great guy who is so loved. I hope to be as great as Jamie is. I do share his sense of loyalty. I am a very loyal man and always keep my promises when I commit to something.”

Fortunately for Menzies, a veteran English actor and Games of Thrones alum, viewers don’t often confuse him with his character, the sadistic 18th-century English captain Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall.

“I live in London and I don’t get too much hassle or dirty looks from fans. I can still go and buy my milk from the shelf,” said Menzies. “I’m happy to tell you people just about manage to work out that I’m not him and he is not me. But it’s great to hear that I am evil enough to confuse some people. My whole approach was not to treat him as a monster and to try and see why he would be evil so that the audience couldn’t just discount him as a monster. You have to go meet the man and understand him to humanize him, to make it more uncomfortable to watch him, because it could be any of us if we went through any of those experiences.” Continue reading New Interview of Sam Heughan with Vanity Fair

“Five Minutes with Sam Heughan”: New Interview for Marie Claire

“Five Minutes with Sam Heughan”: New Interview for Marie Claire

Here’s a new interview of Sam Heughan for Marie Claire Australia:

MARIE CLAIRE: Is this your first time in Australia?
It is. I have had an amazing time. It’s such a beautiful… [Pulls a face] It’s so sunny I want to be outside! [Laughs] But it’s been amazing. We’ve had two days off, so when we landed we went to a rugby game. Then I went to Bondi, Manly cove [and] up the Bridge. It’s been great.

MC: And have you tried Vegemite?
Yes, I had Vegemite on TV yesterday. I loved it. I really like it. Anything on toast is good though.

MC: The fans of this show are legendary. Is that something you had ever encountered before?
No I had never encountered anything like this. What’s surprising is that we have been to America and we’ve been in Europe and the fact that the fans over here are just as enthusiastic about the show [is amazing]. We had an event last night and they all turned up and they were all wearing some piece of tartan and they were really into it and it’s crazy to think that the show has that far of a reach.

MC: What’s the craziest thing a fan has done to get your attention?
I probably can’t say, because I think it’s a bit embarrassing. But they’re great, they generally are very, very well-meaning and very supportive of everything we do. And some time it might go a little too enthusiastic, but they’re also self policing as well and they have a great community of support for each other.

MC: A lot of people – ED’S NOTE: Ahem, marie claire staffers included – love the fact that the sex is so feminist and realistic in the show. How important was that going in?
The show is from the point of view of a woman so therefore we see it from her eyes. Myself and Caitriona [Balfe, who plays Claire] are very aware of what we do and why are we doing it. We don’t want it to just be some explicit, pornographic thing on television. We want it to have a meaning and move the characters forward and show something about their relationship.

MC: What can fans expect in the bedroom in season 2?
I think they’re going to be surprised actually. Very surprised.

MC:  Pleasantly?
I don’t know. You know, at the end of season one Jamie has a great trauma happen to him, so he’s still suffering mentally and physically and Claire’s now pregnant. So they’re not the young lovers that have fallen for each other for the first time. They’re grown up and have a grown up relationship with all of its intricate details and that will be reflected in the bedroom. Continue reading “Five Minutes with Sam Heughan”: New Interview for Marie Claire

Q&A with Sam Heughan & Caitriona Balfe for Amazon Video UK

Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe were in London and took over Amazon Video UK on tumblr to answer questions from the fans.

jamesandclairefraser asked: Hi Sam and Cait. The amazing chemistry between the two of you is something that many people talk about and it’s part of the reason why the show is so popular. It’s clear that you have a great friendship, so what I’d love to know is what’s the one quality that you admire most about each other?

Sam: Caitriona’s generosity of sharing a bloody mary.

Caitriona: His kindness and his thoughfulness.


marieinthemist asked: We’re doing a *30 Days of Oultander* challenge, counting down until premiere day. One of them is to pick your favorite location from Season 1 (indoors or outdoors). Which one was your favorite, Sam and Caitriona? #30DaysOfOL

Caitriona: Loch Rannoch.

Sam: It has to be the same. Where we shoot the standing stones. There’s a beautiful mountain there Schiehallion.


demonsunshine asked: Can you tell about the next season in 3 words?

Caitriona: Intrigue. Heartbreak and closure.

Sam: Fate. Blood. Redwine. Continue reading Q&A with Sam Heughan & Caitriona Balfe for Amazon Video UK

New Interview: Sam Heughan loves UK low profile

New Interview: Sam Heughan loves UK low profile

New interview of Sam Heughan for The Sun:

OUTLANDER hunk Sam Heughan has told how he’s HAPPY the show isn’t on mainstream TV in the UK — so he can stroll down the street in peace. The £50million fantasy epic, filmed across Scotland, aired on on-demand service Amazon Prime last year after the net giant snapped up its rights from Sony.

SamBut a part of the star is glad it’s not shown on the small screen here. Down-to-earth Sam, from New Galloway near Dumfries, said: “We’re in our own little bubble in Scotland.

“The show isn’t as well-known as it is in America so it’s quite nice. But we’re glad the fans like the show and were building new fan bases all the time. In the UK it’s slowly building. It’s nice to be in a show that’s well received.”

Filming for season two of the Starz time travel show just wrapped on Sunday.  But Sam, 35, revealed the treacherous winter caused havoc on set. Crew often had to take breaks due to flooding and as a result, they had to allow for more time to finish up the second instalment.

In fact, the TV superstar had to turn down a movie role because of the weather delay. Sam said: “I’m supposed to be filming a movie right now called Oxford, but our schedules changed what with the weather conditions. We had to stay here a little longer than expected so that fell through. There are lots of things out there though and it’s exciting times.”

Sam — who plays Highland warrior Jamie Fraser — now splits his time between Scotland and LA. But despite his glitzy showbiz career, the actor has no plans to set down roots in Tinseltown.

Instead, he uses trendy apartment rental service Airbnb when he touches down in La La land.

He said: “I don’t really know where I live to be honest. I live in Glasgow when shooting here and when I’m in LA I use Airbnb. I’m there for six months at a time — you don’t want to stay in a hotel all the time. I lived in London for years and of course I love LA, but there’s something I love about this country, it’s a very unique lifestyle. One day I’d like to end up here.”

Sam and the rest of the cast are about to about to embark on a world press tour to promote series two. But he made time for an appearance in Glasgow yesterday, to promote recycling campaign, Pass It On Week, organised by Zero Waste Scotland.

He urged the public to donate unwanted clothing to The Empty Shop at Glasgow’s St Enoch Centre as part of the campaign.

He added: “It’s all about encouraging people in a fun way to get involved and to recycle their clothes.”