New photos of Sam Heughan for GQ Uk


Sam Heughan knows all about the great outdoors. The star of hit series Outlander grew up in Galloway in south-west Scotland in the 1980s, just a short distance from the farm where John Barbour had lived a century earlier. Now he’s become the first Global Brand Ambassador for the clothing company, which was founded in 1894…[Read More]

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New interview of Sam Heughan in italian magazine “Donna Moderna”

New interview of Sam Heugnan in the italian magazine “Donna Moderna”. You can read the  english translation right after the scans! 

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“Long-distance love si not for me.

In Outlander Sam Heughan has a passionate and difficult relationship with a woman who went back in time. In real life he’s a creature of habit and can’t stand far away from his girlfriend. Is it why he broke up with his girlfriend?
According to one of his fans, he smellt like mint and champagne. “Wow, they unveiled my secret!” – laughs the Scottish actor, blue eyes and blond hair. Sam Heughan, 36 and 190cm tall, is today’s sex symbol: thanks to Outlander, in which he plays Jamie Fraser, the brave and kind warrior who falls in love with Claire, who went back in time, from 1945 to the Scotland of 1743.

Is it true that your parents named you after a “Lord of the Rings” character? 

SH: Yes! The love the series by J.R. Tolkien and named me after Samwise Gamgee and my brother after the elf Cirdan. It could have been worse. They could have named us Gandalf!

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