3 Comments on “New pics from the set of Outlander in Edinburgh”

  1. My biggest gripe is the neglect in not giving this show more Marketing and PR – in other words if you were in a show that was on the major networks most of their actors and actresses who won their awards were America’s famous and on the major networks shows and the People’s Choice Awards showed just that…all very famous American actors accepting their awards and you didn’t even need a script..the front row was so well lit you could see every single actor/actress that won the awards before they went up on stage. And Outlander is not a Sci-Fi show…it is a drama love story. More needs to be done to get this show out to more people because it is an outrageously acted show and I hope STARZ intends to film all of Diana Gabaldon’s books! And by the way, I am an American and love everything that is on it!

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