Outlander Season 3 Premiere [PHOTOS]

Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe attended Outlander Season 3 premiere in NYC yesterday.

Source photos: FarFarAwaySite

Outlander covers the September issue of Entertainment Weekly

Q&A with Sam Heughan on Twitter

Q: Happy anniversary being cast as JAMMF /do you own rights to your audition tapes? If so will you share with us OL fans? 
A: I actually saw them recently. Gabs sent them to me. Spooky… black hair Jamie!

Q: Hi Sam! Are there any stunt- or action scenes for you in your new project? Greetings from Outlander “Kaffeeklatsch”
A: Its an “action comedy!!!” I love stunts….

Q: One word to describe Jamie in season 3?
A: He’s anyone BUT JAMMF….

Q: I’m coming to Comic Con. Can you save me a seat in the panel room?
A: Ask @jennadewan !? #SeatKeeper 

Q: Is it true ~ did you get your hair cut?
A: Maybe maybe not. Movie magic?!

Q: How do you spend your time on long plane flights sleep/read/study scripts?
A: Sleep. It’s a great oppertunity to catch up! And maybe a wee dram…

Q: Will you do another Barbour event in NYC? 
A: Working on it! Can’t wait for you to see my @Barbour collection for Autumn Winter this year!

Q: Do you have anything else in the pipe line but the Spy movie going?
A: So many projects, in different fields, exciting but hard to keep up!

Q: *Tweet unavailable*
A: I wanted to stay, had planned too but unfortunately had to leave, only saw Zebras (cool!) and Springbok (wandered onto our set!)

Q: Have you talked to @caitrionambalfe lately? 
A: Who?
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