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  1. Hello!
    I have to say I just recently watch your show and being Scottish and a Italian I’m not interested in Fan base stuff but I’m what I’m interested in is my husband and I are traveling and we were wondering if you knew any place to live in Scotland we are relocating from America do not know a quieter place to go. I’m sorry to hear about the bullying that you went through while I don’t have the means to book your appearances I was just hoping just maybe you could give a recommendation for reaction for moving in the area you are Familar with. Thank you for your time. The episodes we have seen are good we are just not tv people. But what’s there we hope the land in still beautiful.

  2. I joined Instagram about a month ago, mostly to see what was going on with Sam Heughan, and to keep up with all the info about him and his career. I was contacted by some one who claimed to be Sam, and I replied to his messages to see if I could catch him out. In the end I just told him to leave me alone as it was obvious he was not Sam, although the E mail address was very convincing, however I am not vain enough to think that Sam would want to contact me. He is now trying to contact me with another convincing E mail. I have changed my pass word 6times in a month but it makes no difference. Would it be possible to ask Sam to send a warning to his fans. They are trying to get into people’s Instagram accounts. And that’s dangerous. Regards.

  3. Hello to my fellow Outlander fans !
    I was wondering where do we send fan mail? And Do we ever get a response? 🙂

    I have a lot of time on my hands since COVID-19 started, so I rewatched all the seasons of Outlander and I really wanna send him a fan mail ( old school way ) …. help if you can !

    Thanks , Nat

  4. Dear Mr. Heughan: I am a great fan of the work you do on Outlander, and I particularly love the accent you perform in your role of Jamie Fraser. One of my favourite writers is the late Canadian author Alistair MacLeod. His short stories in his collection titled “As Birds Bring Forth the Sun,” are particularly moving. Mr. MacLeod was of Scottish descent and his stories evoke this history. I think audio recordings of his books would best be done by an actor who could do justice to the language and read his stories with a Scottish accent akin to the one you portray in your role as Jamie Fraser. His publisher was McClelland & Stewart in Canada. I am sure if you read his stories, you will understand my unusual request. And I imagine your agent would be able to make inquiries if you are interested in doing an audio recording for a company such as ( in Canada. I am simply a fan and an avid reader, so I have no affiliation with the publisher; I just know that I would love an audio recording of Alistair MacLeod’s stories and there isn’t one currently available. And that I think you would be perfect for this role. Since actors cannot do any filming right now due to Covid-19, it might be something worth looking into. I look forward to seeing your future film work, and of course the next season of Outlander whenever it is available. All the best to you and your career.

  5. I love reading & viewing anything concerning Sam. He is such a fantastic Actor and wonderful human being. I re-watch episodes of Outlander daily, listen to the books daily over & over, watch YouTube interviews & bloopers over& over, plus check IG, FB, Tic Tok & Twitter daily!!!

  6. Sam is a terrific actor and I wish him tremendous success.
    I know Sam has had problems with scammers contacting fans in the past. He should look at his “inner circle” Obviously, I knew I wasn’t talking to him – I was just bored. 🙂 But, I have received photos that appear to be candid shots and they have just now gotten around to asking for money. Sam may – or may not – be delighted to know that we are betrothed…. 🙂

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