New interview of Sam Heughan for Glenkens Gazette


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  1. Wonderful interview, you seem such a normal, albeit, talented man. I hope you get away as much as you can to your beloved highlands to find the peace and privacy you need. Your performance of Jamie has been a joy to watch, the intimate parts are a wonderful picture of the journey of love between two people, and the rest of the story has fantastic twists and turns!! Great writing and acting!!!

  2. Thank you, Sam, for reminding us of the value of Youth theater. In a world where the arts are being stripped from public schools, arts advocacy is very much appreciated.

  3. I do not know the real Sam, only from magazine & FB fame; but I have read lots about Hollywood personalities who suffer from too much popularity.
    Hang onto who we perceive you to be – so much like Jamie!
    Thanks for sharing your acting with us(a Perfect Jamie!)

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