New interview of Sam Heughan in italian magazine “Donna Moderna”

New interview of Sam Heugnan in the italian magazine “Donna Moderna”. You can read the  english translation right after the scans! 

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“Long-distance love si not for me.

In Outlander Sam Heughan has a passionate and difficult relationship with a woman who went back in time. In real life he’s a creature of habit and can’t stand far away from his girlfriend. Is it why he broke up with his girlfriend?
According to one of his fans, he smellt like mint and champagne. “Wow, they unveiled my secret!” – laughs the Scottish actor, blue eyes and blond hair. Sam Heughan, 36 and 190cm tall, is today’s sex symbol: thanks to Outlander, in which he plays Jamie Fraser, the brave and kind warrior who falls in love with Claire, who went back in time, from 1945 to the Scotland of 1743.

Is it true that your parents named you after a “Lord of the Rings” character? 

SH: Yes! The love the series by J.R. Tolkien and named me after Samwise Gamgee and my brother after the elf Cirdan. It could have been worse. They could have named us Gandalf!

Does your family follow Outlander?

SH: My mother has memorized each episode. She watches everything, the hotest scenes in bed, too. I tried to distract her in front of the TV, but I wasn’t successful.

Do sex scenes embarass you?

SH: A little bit. People think they’re fun, but they’re very technical. We talk to the director, we set the lights, we play in front of a 20 people troupe. I don’t think it’s sexy, and you?

The fans certainly find your sculpted body sexy. 

SH: I like doing sports. When I can I run and I like the adventure. Last Christmas I was in Bangkok for two weeks doing Muay Thai, a martial art.

Speaking of health and physical shape, what’s the goal of MyPeakChallange, the campaign you started?

SH: To encourage people to have a healthier lifestyle and to raise money for Bloodwise, an organization that does research on cancer. I’m proud of it. In one year we raised $170,000, a great result!

As the fact that Outlander has been renewd for two more seasons!

SH: It’s incredible to keep on working on something you enjoy and for me it is a little like going back home. We go around Scotland, where I was born and grew up. Sometimes it’s strange to walk around Glasgow, in the streets where I dreamt of playing when I was young.

Have  you ever had a plan B?

SH: No and honestly I don’t know what I’d have come up with! Before becoming a full-time actor, I used to serve tables in bars and restaurants, I brought sandwhiches to offices on the bike, I sold perfumes and clothes in shoppong centres. I didn’t like it, but I needed money for theatre school.

The sacrifices were worth it in the end.

SH: When they offeref me the role of Jamie I felt a bit of pressure. The novels that inspire the Tv shows, written by Diana Gabaldon, are very famous and I was scared of letting someone down. Then I understood that it was important to follow my instinct. Someone will always criticize you, I can’t pleas everyone.

Judging by the number of admirers, you have done a great job.

SH: Fans are incredible. They come to the set and wait for me at the airport with presents and sweets. They’ve even given themselves a name: Heughligans.

How much are you like Jamie?

SH: We have similar values: he’s loyal, sincere and always speaks his mind. These are the qualities I admire in people.

Do you speak 8 languages like him?

SH: No, not even 2! During the first season of Outlander I learnt Gaelic: it was hard, but I eventually did it. Now I know a little French, since we moved to Paris for the second season. I tried really hard, I hope I didn’t sound so bad!

What’s coming up in the next few episodes?

SH: Many things change, starting from the relationship between Jamie and Claire. She’s pregnant and he, before getting to Paris, had a terrible time, from which he hasn’t recovered yet. They’ll try to find a balance, but it won’t be easy. They have a complex love story, wonderful and fullof obstacles, just like everyone.

Is there a secret to overcome problems in love?

SH: I don’t think there are tricks or shortcuts, just the desire and the ability to listen to and understand one another. Of course, life is unpredictable and there are other factors. Like distance…

Are you talking from experience?

SH: Yes. We, as actors, are used to travel and we’re often away from home for months. I’m not good at the phone and, for me, talking through headphones and messages isn’t enought to sustain a relationship. For me it’s important to share everyday life. (In 2015 Sam broke up with the american actress Cody Kennedy and now he’s single),

Upcoming projects?

SH: I’m enjoying a well.deserved holiday, before going back to shooting the third season of Outlander. In August I’ll go climb the Kilimanjaro with a friend. I can’t wait! I told you I’m and adventorous type, didn’t I?

Scans by Outlander Italy
Translated in english by ItalianSassenach

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  1. Love Sam and find him an intelligent talented actor and the perfect Jamie. As a military widow and grandmother I joined the Heughligans because it seemed slightly naughty. Love the entire cast and crew of the show but feel the weakest episode was Lallybrook(season 1) because they missed what was the point – home and family. Rather then show a Jamie who is wise beyond his years with all he has experienced they had him act as a rather pig headed arrogant youth which the character never was. Funny yes, sarcastic sometimes, insightful and resourceful. Things I would not be surprised to find in Sam Heughan.

  2. No one ever heard of Sam Heughan here in Renaissance Adult Community until Outlander on Starz . Now Sam has over thousands of sexy grandmothers yearning for their youth and a trip through the rocks. We even had an article on Diana Garbandon’s series and Sam in our community newspaper which I wrote. I have read the entire seriesl and the Lord John mini books. I love the auburn hair better than the blond and those eyes are so alluring. I will be in Scotland Oct 4-12th—looking for a grandma hug Heughan—I’ll be looking for you!

  3. I tried going through some standing rocks last year when I was in Scotland……it din’t work…?Hope you have better luck!

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